Chris Guilmette, PE

Committed. Chris is a professional electrical engineer and has over 15 years experience in the mission critical space. His extensive expertise in block redundant, distributed redundant, 2N, 2(N+1), and N+1 system topologies make him a valuable asset to every design build team. His ability to effectively listen, communicate and collaborate with both clients and design build partners is vital to project success – as proven in the fast-track construction and commissioning of a tenant ready data center in a record 77 days. In addition to leading a kW electrical team and co-leading his family of five, Chris serves as the battalion commander of the New York Army National Guard’s only Engineer Battalion. For over 25 years, Chris has volunteered in the ski patrol at various mountains. He enjoys coaching or playing sports with his three boys or camping with his extended family. or 518.708.9480

Chris Guilmette Chris Guilmette