James Warren, PE

Approachable. As a professional electrical engineer, James has over 25 years of data center design and construction experience. He also makes time to support the industry with participation in IEEE, NFPA, 7×24 Exchange, Data Center Dynamics, Uptime Institute and more. As co-founder of kW, his vision is to shatter the image of the stodgy engineering firm churning out slow, inflexible and outdated design. Instead, James believes that if you hire great people and give them a great place to work you will produce smart, innovative, customized solutions for each client and every great project. He promotes accessible and responsive service, which is second nature to this active father of four. In his free time, James enjoys traveling, boating, skiing and just about any other outdoor sporting activity.

jwarren@kwmce.com or 518.424.4847

James Warren James Warren